If you aren’t using emotional connections to build customer loyalty, you’re wasting time,according to new research. As a consumer, you’re probably more likely to buy something when you have an emotional tie to the product or service.

So, entrepreneurs would be wise to ensure that their marketing strategy creates emotional bonds with their target market.


So what is that emotional connection?

It has a lot to do with capturing hearts and minds — how you make customers feel when they buy from you. It’s usually more of an unconscious feeling than a conscious one — customers continue to buy because you fed their desire to feel secure, stand out from the crowd or come closer to being the people they want to be. You create customers loyal to your brand when you take away their fear of unsatisfactory service.

Giving customers a relatable scenario or emotion will invoke in them a closeness to your brand.

Citing the example of the well known ad run by Titan depicting a teacher’s farewell. For a giver of knowledge, the students present him the gift of time. Keeping it relatable, it tugs at the heartstrings without going emotionally overboard.  

How to brand emotion?

    1. Make customers your top priority.

    Entrepreneurs must determine their customers’ pain points and address them. The best way to find out what a customer thinks about a product or service is by asking.By asking questions, the entrepreneur will learn customers’ pain points and can develop solutions, demonstrating a level of caring. The process of problem-solving through listening may elevate the business in the consumers’ minds.

    1.  Tie your brand identity in emotional values

    Make your brand all about the customer. Seeing your company present relatable  scenarios will warm the customer’s heart.

    For instance, jewelry brand Tanishq’s latest ad depicts a dusky bride entering a second  marriage in the presence of her daughter. The ad speaks volumes on the subject of  second marriage, subtly and crisply, in precisely 90 seconds.

    1. Value your long-term customers more than short-term sales

    Entrepreneurs need to resist the urge to chase the sale and instead chase the  customer’s requirements. Giving priority to a long-standing customer on a difficult  request will make the customer appreciate your brand more.

    1. Providing an insight to an average Indian’s life

    Making your customers have a nostalgic flashback will ensure customers are familiar with your brand.

    Airtel’s “Har ek friend zaroori hota hai” was an instant hit amongst people of all age groups. Another campaign of the brand was – “Barriers break when people talk”, which was a beautiful portrayal of two children from different countries crossing the barbed wires of their nations’ boundary to play together .


    Entrepreneurs should leverage social media to develop their companies’ voice. A thoughtful social-media strategy can turn a company into more of a friend and less of a business.




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