Uber is tracking you


We all know of Uber-the fast-growing staple in the lives of every Kochi dweller. As an escape from the rude behaviour of auto drivers (common, not general), most people prefer to call on an Uber from the confines of their smart phone. The growth of the on-demand taxi service is commendable, with the app being a constant presence on most smartphones in the city.

And recently Uber released an update for the app.


The update to the app allows Uber to follow users’ GPS signal while it is running in the background. Earlier, it would only do so when Uber was open on the phone.

Uber said it would only be tracking users from when they  request a trip until five minutes after the trip had ended. The company said the change would improve the app by allowing for more reliable pick-ups, improving customer service, and enhancing safety.

Upon updation, a pop-up is displayed asking users to approve the background location gathering. If denied, the app asks you to enable location services to proceed.

However, this is unnecessary as all one needs to is enter the pick up and drop off points for the trip manually, instead of using their GPS signal.

Seeing as Google has been tracking data of users for years, the Uber tracking report does not come as a shock to many, and others are enraged.

Privacy in 2016 might be a myth!

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