The Ultimate Guide To Understanding Grassroots Marketing!

Marketing a product has been at the base of the success of any company. Without marketing, a product stays idle in the hands of its makers serving no purpose or ROI. Strategies in marketing have come a long way with companies taking various approaches for each product. Until the 1970’s, the focus was primarily on production and selling methods of the product manufactured. It was in the 70’s that manufacturers began focusing on the wants and needs of the customers. Thus arose a need for marketing, which focused on the requirements of the customers.


From the scores of marketing strategies available, Grassroots Marketing focuses on customer relationship. As the name suggests, a bond is formed with the customer at a root level.Primarily, grassroots marketing focuses on a small target group of people and hope the group will spread the message to a much larger audience. In essence, grassroots marketing campaigns are designed to cost effectively utilize available resources to accomplish specific goals.


“Grassroots marketing, sometimes known as guerilla marketing, starts from the ground up. Instead of launching a message you hope will appeal to many people, you target your efforts to a small group and hope the group will spread your message to a much larger audience.”



Why Grassroots?

The concept behind grass roots marketing is that it is more direct. You start the message out with small groups of your target market, in hopes that they will help spread the message to a larger audience. Traditional marketing strategies aim at the masses, hoping to appeal to a percentage of those reached. Grassroots marketing tackles a target market head on. Since it is aimed at reaching smaller numbers, it is often more affordable for up-and-coming businesses. Focus remains on the customer base that you wish to target.

How does Grassroots Marketing work for a brand?

Companies want to build a base of loyal customers who share and promote their products. Grassroots marketing can help spark community interest in a brand by enticing curiosity with non-traditional marketing tactics. It is all about targeting users who will engage with your product.

Word Of Mouth

Personal recommendations are the core of Grassroots marketing. The focus is to get a group of people hyped and talking about the product. Having a catchy name or an innovative solution to an age-old issue
will help people in remembering the product name. Based on recommendations, the company can grow its customer base.

Involvement in Local Events

Participating in local events, projects, meetings will raise awareness about your company. Showcasing your company at events with mass participation will capture minds and help people in remembering your product.

Grassroots marketing is most effective if you can identify a definite market segment and appeal to the likes and dislikes of that segment. DaddysPocket utilises this at its core level, with our brands at highest priority. We understand that for any brand signing up with us, expansion of customer reach is crucial. Keeping this in mind, we approach brands that target the collegiate youth. After analysing the target group, we create a customised set of tasks that will provide guaranteed lead generation and conversion.

For Example:

Considering a mobile network operator “X” with a goal to expand their customer base. Generating new cellular connections and sign ups would be their target. If “X” were to sign up on Daddyspocket dashboard and become a sponsor for an event, the set of tasks set by them would focus on the conversion of customers to their network. The organisers of the event being sponsored by “X” will be tasked with generating sign ups for “X”. Upon completion of the achievable target set, the event will receive the sponsorship amount by “X” via DaddysPocket.

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