In the e-commerce space, there are very few products that are not sold online today. Be it grocery or a tv, it’s all there in the online selling space with consumers getting to pick from a number of options.The first step in online selling is, of course, deciding what you want to sell. Once you have zeroed in on the product or products, the real question needs an answer – Where do your target consumers shop?  


So why sell on an online market-place?

  1. More Visibility, More sales

One of the major benefits of selling on marketplaces is that you list your products on the pre-prepared potential market. The chief draw of selling on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay is the scale of their online presence. Citing an example, Amazon alone draws nearly 85 million unique monthly visitors. With the vast visibility that third-party marketplaces provide, the reach of your store increases exponentially.

  1. Larger Customer Base

The customer reach of online marketplaces know no limits. Spanning continents, the customer base of e-commerce’s are not limited to geographical regions. People logging in from any corner of the world can discover your product-Products they may not have discovered otherwise, or that they may have purchased from a competitor. If you can convince a customer to visit your virtual store, you are increasing the visibility of your store by a large margin. Satisfied customers often boast of the service they received from you, which in turn means more curious customers for you.

  1. Customer’s Trust and Credibility

While many visitors won’t trust your newly launched brand, selling on popular marketplaces will automatically create that trust on your product because of the trust on marketplaces. Customers depend on credible third-party marketplaces to ensure the products available on their platform are genuine and worth the sale. Showcasing your product on a credible third-party marketplace assures authenticity.

In the ever growing age of internet and social media, there is no better platform for increased visibility. With the customer base of the internet growing on a steep scale, the guaranteed visibility amongst customers is enough to encourage anyone to set up their product online.

A large customer base means more visibility. This visibility, in turn, can mean increasing the familiarity of your brand. That is exactly what DaddysPocket does. With our unique platform, we guarantee a reach of 300+ million youth over the region of India. Even the smallest investments can guarantee a larger customer reach for your brand! Brands are free to set preferences for the events they wish to sponsor, on the basis of which we will judiciously invest your money  for the marketing of your brand. In times where customer reach is crucial, there is no better opportunity than this. So don’t wait. Get sponsoring!


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