How to reach the finish line-Campaign Completion


Aaah community events! The excitement of planning, the planning, division of work, all of it looks easy when compared to the task of procuring funding for the event. There is only so much you can ask in the form of donation from your peers and superiors. The sponsorship team is then left with the daunting task of finding the funding which will form the basis of the event. And there is no easier and smarter way to procure sponsorship than signing up on DaddysPocket.
But what happens once you’ve signed up? One day you are informed a sponsor is willing and interested in your event and will provide you the funding you need. Excited, you log into the platform and begin completing the tasks. With the same enthusiasm, you convince your friends to do the same. This energy lasts for maybe a few days and then confusion sets in. Will it be possible to complete the tasks on time? Is it possible to complete the campaign on time?

As they say with great funding comes great responsibility(to complete the campaign that is!)

Assign a campaign manager 1

Once the campaign has begun, select an individual to take up the responsibility of ensuring the campaign is completed on time AKA Campaign Manager(CM). The CM will be in charge of spreading the word about the tasks to be completed and ensuring each of the tasks are completed on time.

Divide the tasks to be completed 2

Set up groups for each of the tasks to be completed. You could assign each task to maybe a department or else a batch of individuals with similar work. These individuals can be responsible for spreading the word about the tasks assigned to them.

Use your social media super power 3

Convince your followers on Instagram or friends on Facebook, even your fellow Snapchatters to do the tasks and spread the word for you. All you need to do is post the tasks to be done on your wall and request your friends to do them for you. Use your social skills and get it done!

4Set up a booth at the venue 

If the tasks involve a survey or anything that requires data collection, the best route to go is to utilize the crowd at your event venue. Hand out the survey forms at the registration desk and have the task completed in no time!

As in all scenarios, set your mind and get the task done. In the same way, set your targets and get the campaign completed!

Happy Sponsorship! 


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