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Demonetization has disrupted the lives of the country’s population all in the name of greater good. With praises pouring in for PM Modi’s bold move, it still poses the dilemma of withdrawing cash for the common man. Long queues of km length can be found outside banks and ATMs. All is good until the bank/ATM runs out of cash and all the waiting goes to vain.

1.This is where Walnut comes in.

Taking advantage of the crisis people currently face, they have proposed a solution on their Walnut app. With their feature Find an #ATMwithCash, the app displays the ATMs around you with or without cash on Google Maps. The app works on a crowd-source model, it tracks the transaction records on the smartphones to figure out which ATM is functional and has cash, across the country. Once the user has withdrawn cash, the app will ask them to fill in details about the length of the queue at the ATM they used.

According to the report by Mint, the app will highlight working ATMs that have long queues with a red pin, short queues with an orange pin and non-functional ATMs with a grey pin. Users can also share these details with friends and family, on social platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp.


The Find an #ATMwithCash is only available on Android.

2. ATMSearch

Very minimalist and straightforward, the website asks for your location where you wish to find/search an ATM.


As seen above, the results display the length of the queue and how many hours ago the status was updated.

3.CMS ATM Finder

CMS was among the first ones to introduce an app shows a dynamic list that shows the most recent status of an ATM, while also giving an option to the users to alert them when a particular ATM is down.



An Indian Redditor has made an app to find the ATMs working near you.

Download the app from the Play Store here:

The app follows an easy-to-use model, whereupon downloading the user enters their location and finds ATMs near them.


As all these apps are crowd-funded, the accuracy of data cannot be guaranteed but in desperate times like these, we seek desperate apps!

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