Collegiate level events are a great place to analyse people belonging to a large age demographic. As youngsters are the current trendsetters and deciders of this social media age, events happening around colleges should be the focus of your next sponsorship. Here’s why:  

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1.Making it “Viral”   

Capturing student’s attention is a tedious task but once you impress them, you can be sure you have a winning product on your hand. Showcasing your product at such events will help the youth know of your product and if impressed, they’ll do your marketing for you in forms of raving reviews and recommendations. In this age of social media, making your product go viral is the best you can do.

2.Choose Your Target Audience  

Events happening at a collegiate level are not restricted to technical fests or cultural meets alone. Meeting of the alumni also happen. This is crucial as it broadens the different genres of a crowd. You can choose to sponsor an event that targets the mix of right people – such as investors, industry leaders, techies, or young students – for your company. Know beforehand the demographics of the attendees of the event and on the basis of this choose the event to sponsor.  

3.Extended Exposure in Media  

Collegiate events are growing in terms of numbers and exposure. The number of national and state level events held by colleges is increasing by the day. Sponsoring these events having national reach will ensure your brand name spans across the country with relation to the event.  

4.Excellent Brand Building & Brand Promotion Strategy  

Promotions via events provide various opportunities for growth, logos placed on brochures, in direct emails and on every platform of social media. This helps familiarise your brand to hundreds and thousand of individuals associated with the event, directly or indirectly.  

5.Access to Mailing Lists & Distribution Channels of the Event  

Organisers often allow access to the mailing lists of attendees, which can then be used for spreading your marketing message. In cases where they are denied, being a sponsor, you can ask organisers to promote your brand on their social media accounts and other activities.

6.Cost efficient

Compared to the mass values spent on brand marketing via the visual and print medium, it is cheaper for a company to sponsor a college event and have the organisers do the marketing for them. Digital ads in these ages are expensive and impersonal. Having a loyal band of students sing praises of your company will be more convincing to the masses.  

7.Live marketing space

Most college fests provide stalls or a marketplace for the brands that sponsor them. These stalls will be at strategic points where there will be a flow of curious passersby. Attractive discount rates and free samples could help drive people to these points. In some scenarios, it is a good space to find brands to collaborate with and reap benefits of the collaboration.


For companies targeting youth as their customer base, there is no better way of reaching out than sponsoring a college event. It is very important for a brand to build trust and establish a link with its potential customers. Students will feel a connection to brands that take up the effort to get to know and be involved in an event. When you get involved with an event, you send out a message of being supportive, understanding and dependable for the young audience.

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