3 years ago on this day, God stepped off the crease

m_id_439991_sachin_tendulkarThe pre-2013 years were glorious. People forgot any spats or fights they had and united over a common goal to cheer:Sachin! The chants of “Sachin!Sachinnn!” were not uncommon, in fact expected in stadiums where the cricketer came to play. With records and records under his belt, he has proved to be a man worthy of the love his fans shower him with.

There were times when people switched off their TVs after Sachin was out. Times where parents allowed their kids to watch the match as long as Sachin was playing.

And 3 years ago, billions of hearts across the world were broken when Sachin announced his retirement. On one side many say it was unfair to not see him play for longer but on the other side, arguments that it was the right decision stay. Whatever the moral side of it may be, the fact stands that Sachin was a cricketer who was worthy of the title “Legend”.

Watch his farewell speech below. And cry your hearts out.

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